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  • Baghdad,Iraq
  • TBD USD / Year

  • Job applications may no longer being accepted for this opportunity.

BWA Iraq


Job Overview:

Receive beneficiary women survived from violence at BWA’s Social & Legal Listening and Counseling Centers, collecting information and referring them to the lawyer or social worker according to their needed support.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Archiving social cases electronically.
  • Responsible for the listening center’s staff timesheet.
  • Provide a weekly plan of the center’s staff.
  • Monitor logistic & financial issues and writing of workshop reports & taking photos.
  • Receiving legal & social reports from the social worker & lawyer of the center and collecting, editing and submitting them to the direct manager.
  • Responsible for any coordination related to the center.
  • Write daily & periodical reports.
  • Answer the hotline.
  • Conduct the tasks required in accordance with his/her specialty.
  • To be a focal point between the project manager and the center’s staff.



➢ Archiving the social case managements electronically.

➢ Submit a weekly plan for the staff of the Center.

➢ Write reports of the training workshops and activities carried out by the Center for Listening and Psychosocial/Legal Counselling to receive legal social reports from the psychologist and the lawyer and collect them and modify them, and then hand them over to the direct supervisor.

➢ Follow-up on daily and periodic reporting.

➢ Responsible for receiving phone calls through the center’s security line.

➢ Carry out all the duties assigned to by the direct supervisor.

➢ Communication and link the management of the project with the staff in the center.

➢ Follow-up and document the progress of cases in the confidential records.

➢ Build a trust relation and respect with the beneficiaries.

➢ Provide the direct supervisor with reports on the workflow or other details as required. 

How To Apply

The CV is sent through the email. The candidates will be contacted through their phone numbers  to fix a date for an interview. 

Please send your CV to ([email protected]).

– Please state the job title in the subject line: Case Management – Baghdad Women Association / Baghdad Center 

– CVs in the form of IMG, pictures, screen-shots and links will not be accepted.

– Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

– Applications past the expiration date of the advertisement will not be considered.


Best of luck

Deadline: 2/12/2023