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The Food & Beverage Cost Controller plays a pivotal role in the HORECA industry, with a primary responsibility for ensuring cost-efficiency and profitability within the food and beverage operations of our establishment. This position, part of the finance team, is dedicated to controlling costs, optimizing inventory management, and contributing to the financial success of our food and beverage services.

Cost Control and Analysis:

  • Monitor and analyze food and beverage costs, identifying trends and discrepancies.
  • Implement cost control measures to optimize expenses while maintaining quality.
  • Collaborate with kitchen and bar teams to assess portion control and recipe adherence.
  • Conduct regular cost audits and variance analysis to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Inventory Management:

  • Oversee inventory levels for food and beverage items, ensuring accurate tracking.
  • Establish and maintain par stock levels to prevent overstocking or shortages.
  • Implement inventory control systems and procedures to reduce waste and pilferage.
  • Coordinate with suppliers to negotiate favorable terms and pricing.

Budgeting and Forecasting:

  • Assist in the development of annual budgets for food and beverage operations.
  • Provide input and data for financial forecasting, helping to set realistic targets.
  • Track actual expenses against budgeted figures, identifying variances and taking corrective actions.

Supplier Relations:

  • Maintain strong relationships with food and beverage suppliers.
  • Evaluate supplier performance and negotiate contracts for cost-effective procurement.
  • Monitor the quality and consistency of incoming products.

Reporting and Documentation:

  • Prepare and maintain accurate records of food and beverage costs and inventory.
  • Generate regular reports on cost control and inventory management for management review.

Communicate cost-saving opportunities and recommendations to relevant stakeholders. Additional Responsibilities:

  • Undertake weekly Food Flash Reports at outlets as requested by the CFO or COO.
  • Coordinate weekly inventory checks, providing detailed reports to the CFO/COO, along with action plans to address discrepancies.
  • Deliver Month End Cost Reports to the CFO and COO, as part of the operation and F&A SOP.
  • Investigate any cost-related issues and provide action plans to rectify identified problems.

RequirementsQualifications and Experience:

β€’ Bachelor’s degree in finance, Accounting, or a related field.

β€’ Professional Qualified Certification of ICWA, CMA.

β€’ Minimum of 7 of relevant experience in food and beverage cost control within the HRECA industry.

Job Specific Skills:

β€’ Cost control and analysis expertise.

β€’ Inventory management and procurement knowledge.

β€’ Budgeting and forecasting skills.

β€’ Supplier negotiation and relationship management.

β€’ Financial reporting and analysis.

β€’ Attention to detail and analytical abilities.


β€’ Cost-conscious mindset.

β€’ Problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.

β€’ Communication and teamwork.

β€’ Adaptability and flexibility.

β€’ Knowledge of HRECA industry standards and practices.

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