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  • Baghdad,Iraq
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  • Job applications may no longer being accepted for this opportunity.

BWA Iraq


Job Overview:

  • In charge of general management of the project.

Main responsibilities:

  • Create a detailed monthly work plan that identifies and tracks activities to complete the project successfully in cooperation with the project team.
  • Identify the resources and items (time, money, equipment, etc), required to complete the project.
  • Implementing project activities according to the monthly, quarterly, or annual work plan.
  • Regularly filling in reports and records to document project activities.
  • Regulating means of verification (attendance sheets, comment reports, questionnaires, photos).
  • Monitor the progress of the project and make the necessary adjustments to ensure its successful completion.
  • Reviewing the quality of work done with the project team on a regular basis to ensure that it meets implementation safety standards.
  • Holding monthly and periodic meetings with the project team to learn about the achievements and challenges and make the necessary solutions to overcome them.
  • Urging the project team to work as a team.
  • Organizing meetings with the project beneficiaries to see their satisfaction with the quality of services.


➢ Supervise the project staff members and ensure that they complete their tasks and responsibilities according to the project requirements, rules and procedures of the Association.

➢ Establish a detailed monthly workplan identifying activities to be implemented to ensure successful completion of the project, in cooperation with the project team.

➢ Organize regular coordination meetings with the project team members to ensure adequate implementation of the project workplan.

➢ Responsible for submitting the quarterly and monthly narrative reports of the project to the donor by compiling activity reports and other required documents to document implementation of the activities (pictures, attendance sheets, questionnaires, etc.).

➢ Work closely with the finance department to plan and follow up on the project expenditures and ensure timely completion.

➢ Responsible for regular communication with donors to ensure provision of timely updates according to the donor requirements.

➢ Ensure coordination with external stakeholders as relevant in the frame of the project (international and local NGOs, government representatives, etc.).


How To Apply

The CV is sent through the email. The candidates will be contacted through their phone numbers  to fix a date for an interview. 

Please send your CV to ([email protected]).

– Please state the job title in the subject line : Project Manager – Baghdad Women Association / Baghdad office 

– CVs in the form of IMG, pictures, screen-shots and links will not be accepted.

– Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

– Applications past the expiration date of the advertisement will not be considered.


Best of luck

Deadline: 2/14/2023