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In recent years, freelance or autonomous work has grown worldwide, especially in recent months with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. A freelancer is a person who offers professional services or products to different clients independently, that is, on their own account. This work modality is very common, especially in the new generations that seek flexibility to carry out different projects at the same time. 

If you are thinking of launching yourself into the freelance world, here we tell you what are some of the benefits of “being your own boss”:

You have more time flexibility

One of the biggest advantages is that you can work at the time that best suits your routine. This allows you to take advantage of your most productive hours that may not coincide with regular office hours. There are people who perform better at night or very early in the morning and prefer to spend the rest of the day on other tasks. Either way, this work dynamic requires you to be very disciplined to meet your goals in each project.

It is not necessary to be in a specific physical space

Most jobs today require only a computer, an internet connection, and a cell phone. This makes things much easier when choosing a space to work, since it only depends on your preferences and possibilities. If you need a quiet environment, you can work from the comfort of your home, and you will also save money and time that you would spend moving to any other place.

You are the leader of your work 

Being self-employed everything depends on you, you do not have to report to a superior. Being a freelancer, you yourself are the one who makes the decisions and is responsible for the project. In addition, self-management helps develop new skills in different areas such as communication, administration or taxes that you will have to know so that this way of life is sustainable for you. 

You choose who you work with 

When you work for another person or company, you normally have no choice when it comes to choosing your peers, superiors or the project to which you are going to dedicate yourself. However, as a freelancer you have more possibilities to decide which clients to work with. You can also team up with other professionals to take on larger, more complex projects. The ideal is that you can face projects that excite you, that are in accordance with your values ​​and work philosophy. 

Your income depends on your work

Commonly the freelancer is dedicated to particular and specialized projects. This gives you the possibility to get paid for the work you do and not be tied to a fixed salary. It will depend on the type of project and the client, the money you receive upon completion. You can also agree on remuneration in advance, per week or even for results.

Working freelance is a good alternative if you want to manage your work in a different way. Keep in mind that embarking on this adventure involves certain risks but you will be able to lead a different lifestyle and you may discover what you were looking for.