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General Responsibilities:

The Communication Officer (CO) is responsible to develop content for the country communication material, with focus on photography and graphic design. This will be in align with communication plan of Tdh Iraq delegation. Working with the programme and field teams across the delegation, s/he will support Tdh’s internal and external communication objectives and help in visibility.


The main tasks of this function are: 

To reflect the Tdh intervention through quality communication content: write periodical stories, news articles and other communication materials.

To develop quality printed and digital media communication materials: ensure Tdh Iraq has up to date visibility and communication materials printed, digital or other forms of media that carefully portray the issues of children in Iraq and the work of Tdh Iraq to respond to these issues. 

To contribute to the development of Tdh visibility at national level through representation and networking: Share relevant content media and press in Iraq and other national forums that enable Tdh Iraq to communicate with specific or wider audiences in Iraq. 


Specific Responsibilities:

To reflect the Tdh intervention through quality communication materials 

Support on writing quality communication materials such as news articles, success stories, case studies, testimonies, one pagers and any other form of written communication as requested from the supervisor, adapted to different target groups (staff, donors, community and state actors, outside visitors, etc).

Liaise with the programme team in the field to proactively seek information and news stories about the programme.

  • Maintain organizational social media platforms with regular updates and appropriate content development and management.



To develop quality printed and media communication MATERIALS 


Ability to design and produce high quality graphics designs via Adobe applications.

Produce, coordinate, and supervise the production of all visibility and information materials in Tdh Iraq


Participate her/himself in the development (design, audio interview, recording or picture taking) in accordance with the Communication Action plan and when requested from the line supervisor, with the support of the Regional Communication Coordinator; 

Update and maintain a central digital library of Tdh Iraqphotos, videos and other reporting and communication content.


To contribute to the development of Tdh visibility at national level through representation and networking: 


Monitor the media with regards to communication about child protection issues – especially linked with Migration and Access to Justice topics – and prepare periodical press review for the delegation at least on a quarterly basis.

Take the opportunity of each international and national events based on an annual calendar to communicate through different media (social media, press, etc.) to enhance the delegations’ visibility.

To ensure the understanding and respect of the Tdh communication GUIDELINES and RULES 


Support the delegation team to understand and respect Tdh policies regarding communication.

Ensure that external suppliers respect the Tdh Corporate Identity.




Commit to respect and ensure the best implementation possible of Tdh Safeguarding Policy, its related procedure, and principles of child protection in all the settings, including the non-working related ones.

Be clear on the functional responsibilities to prevent harm / safeguard children, communities, and colleagues both through own conduct and work; 

Commit to inform the Safeguarding Focal Point and to report any cases of allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Safeguarding Policy.

Respect the principles of confidentiality, protection, good faith, and non-reprisal in all interactions with children and communities and in the communication, materials produced;

Apply the best interest of children and people principle prior to writing, producing, and publishing any sort of communication material about the children and communities participating in Tdh Iraqand partners’ programme; 

Always ensure to take the written consent of guardians and children prior to engaging in any form of communication with beneficiaries; 

Be a good ambassador for safeguarding and promote good practice. 

Know and implement all institutional policies and internal regulations of Terre des hommes with a particular focus on the Institutional Media and Communication policies. 


Respect Terre des hommes security procedures in Iraq. 

Support the Country Management team to organize and facilitate, conferences, exchange of experience mission and field visits for external management staff and donor representatives.

A close collaboration with the Programme Coordinator is key, through at least attendance to the monthly Program Coordination Meeting.


S/he will have direct access to information, such as the general strategy of Tdh in Iraq, including programming objectives in the field, financial details, and security guidelines. 

A professional sense of security, confidentiality, and proper representation is paramount. 

The incumbent will conduct her/his duties in respect of the Charter of Terre des hommes and Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy. Terre des hommes expects that its contractors’ professional conduct reflects proper behaviour in accordance with local culture and traditions. The incumbent assures the moral protection of the name of Terre des hommes and defends in all circumstances the interests of the movement.  







Qualifications &  Skills

Requirements for the position

Bachelor’s degree in communication/Journalism/Broadcasting/Social Sciences and Humanities or relevant field of study. 

Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar position; NGOs is preferred or equivalent position in a government institution.  


Proficiency in Arabic and English (French is an asset).


Very good writing skills. Proficiency in Arabic and English

Ability to take quality video and photographs is a must

Proficiency in Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere software.

Ability to communicate effectively, present the program to donors and partners, write well and express technical issues in a sensitive manner.

Good communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, flexible world view and emotional maturity. 

Ability to work independently with little direction from others as necessary.


Others personal abilities 

Sound personal organizational skills, including time management, ability to meet deadlines, multi-tasking, prioritization of tasks, and working under pressure;

Communication of professional needs in a clear, concise, and responsible manner. 

Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Flexibility and strong adaptation skills



Tdh Global Code of Conduct and Risk Management Policies:


Fully complies with Tdh’s Global Code of Conduct and systematically reports any breach to the Code through the whistleblowing procedure: raises awareness within the Foundation on abuse and violence and the rights deriving therefrom, respecting the rights and dignity of children, members of the communities and our own Staff

Commits to respecting Risk Management Policies including: Safeguarding Policies (Child Safeguarding Policy, Policy on the Protection against Sexual Exploitation and the Directive on Staff Misconduct at the Workplace), Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption and Prevention of the Financing of Criminal Activities Policies

Commits to reducing the risk of abuse and harm by developing a culture of open and informed leadership within the organization and in our work with children and the communities in which we intervene in.


How To Apply

Interested candidates can apply by filling the form through the link : 

Tdh Form-Communication Officer

Please note this advertisement is on rolling basis and if the position been filled before the announced deadline the vacancy will be closed 

Best of Luck !

Deadline: 2023-04-30