• Contract
  • Mosul,Iraq
  • TBD USD / Year

  • Job applications may no longer being accepted for this opportunity.



General Information

Country: The position is based in Ninawa with required travels in the KRI and GOI region 35%

Duration: Six (6) months, starting March – renewable

Function Grid reference and Salary: the starting salary for this position is 1575 USD under the Category of D Grade 7 ‎ / along with competitive remuneration package.

Place in the org. Chart: Under the direct responsibility of the Logistics Manager, and technical supervision of HR Manager and Finance Manager.

Supervisor of: Drivers, Guard and Cleaner.


The employee engages himself to:

  • Respect TGH’s Charter and internal regulations
  • Respect his contract and Job description
  • Respect security rules put in place by the field coordinator and the head of mission



The overall objective of the Log & Admin officer is to ensure that TGH is able to work efficiently in Mosul area and Tikrit office by supporting the Logistics Manager, Coordination office and relative project managers in their activities, by answering their needs in terms of logistic and administrative while respecting internal and donor’s regulations.



Responsibility 1: Supervision of Mosul base Logistics

Responsibility 2: Supervision of Mosul base Security

Responsibility 3Finance/administration/HR supervision in Mosul and Tikrit offices



Responsibility 1: Supervision of Mosul base Logistics, in accordance with the procedures and guidelines defined by TGH

Task 1 – Supply chain management

  • To collect the PSR (Purchase and Service Request) and to update the PSR follow-up
  • To inform the different department about the process of their orders
  • To elaborate a monthly purchase forecast
  • To supervise the procurements (quality/price/procedures)
  • To Collect quotations, deal with suppliers, participate to offers comparison and choice
  • To follow-up the stock management (storage conditions, stock reports, expiry dates…)
  • To monitor the deliveries to the programs
  • To provide feedbacks on application of logistics management best practice, systems and procedures, in close collaboration with Erbil coordination base.


Task 2 – Equipment and fleet management

  • To supervise the allocation and the use of the equipment
  • To ensure installation, maintenance and repairing of the equipment
  • To update the base equipment list
  • To ensure that accurate records are maintained, that reporting and internal control systems are functioning and that all relevant record are maintained.
  • To provide oversight, monitor and train all drivers on TGH rules.
  • To assess and update status of corridors of access, route maps, checkpoints/delivery points, as per required by Logistic Manager.


Task 3 – Information Technology supervision

  • In charge of the smooth running of IT material and makes sure TGH IT procedures are respected.
  • Lease with the Logistics manager regarding the support of IT to the field staff.
  • Supervises the safety of computers & data by ensuring that back up and antivirus updates are properly and regularly done according to TGH IT procedures.


Task 4 – Rehabilitation and maintenance of premises

  • To monitor the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of all the structures related to the Ninewa intervention (programs, office, guest-house …)


Task 5 – Logistics Reports

  • Send monthly stock report and equipment inventory to the Logistics Manager.
  • Report any specific complicated issues to the Logistics Manager.
  • Update Supplier lists and prices lists and send them to the Logistics Manager.



Responsibility 2: Supervision of Mosul base Security

Task 1 – Apply for GoI access letter on monthly basis (NOC access letter)

Task 2 – To follow-up the implementation of the security rules and procedures on the base under Logistics Manager supervision

Task 3 – To report to the Logistics Manager any matters related to the security and any matters related to the representation towards local authorities (civil, military, religious, etc.…) and stakeholders (partners, NGO, etc.)

Task 4 – In charge of collecting, compiling the information between the base and share with Logistics Manager.



Responsibility 3: Finance/administration/HR supervision in Mosul office

  • Finance

Task 1 –  Manage cash request to Erbil coordination base and payments for purchases validated under the supervision of the Finance Manager

Task 2 – Perform proper daily accountancy according to TGH regulations and using appropriate tools, ensure regular cash count as per TGH regulations with the Finance Manager.

Task 3 – Verify that any transaction is supported by proper supporting documentations as per TGH’s financial rules and regulation and proper authorization is obtained prior releasing a payment, as well as verifying all expenses allocations

Task 4 – Perform monthly accounting closure for Mosul and Tikrit base and send it to Finance Manager.

Task 5 –  Prepare and pay area’s employees’ salaries after Hoss/Finance Manager validation by gathering all necessary information for Mosul and Tikrit teams and keeping up to date the Mosul/Tikrit HR Data file, in collaboration with Finance Manager, HR Manager and Project Managers

Task 6 – Field Visits to Tikrit office to facilitate the payments in the base and make sure to do a proper archiving after payments for Mosul and Tikrit.


  • HR & Admin

Task 6 –  Support in recruitment processes and induction for positions within the area

Task 7 – Ensure that all the required documents for HR files are gathered and transmitted to Erbil base if required

Task 8 – Support HR Manager, as per needed, in income tax payments, social security payment and following staff contracts, leaves, health insurance, etc…

Task 9 –  Manage the dedicated administrative personnel (cleaner/cook) if any


The list above is not strictly definitive; an employee working within the framework of these tasks may carry out other tasks if asked to do so by his/her line manager.

Qualifications &  Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics, Supply Chain, Business Management or any relevant Field
  • At least 2 years’ experience in logistics and IT, preferably in humanitarian context is required
  • Fluent in English and Arabic. Kurdish is an asset
  • Good skills in Supply Chain Management and Admin Management
  • Computer skills (including Excel and Word)
  • Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills
  • Autonomy, rigor and skills for synthesis
  • Good organizational skills
  • Adaptation capacities to dynamic context.

How To Apply

Only motivated applications that address the stipulated duties and meet the required qualifications will be considered.

In order to submit an application, all candidates are invited to fill the following google form by clicking on the link below: 

Fill the form here

Female Candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

Triangle will proceed to the preselection of candidates on a rolling basis and reserve the right to close the advertisement as soon as a candidate is identified for the position. Therefore, you are kindly invited to submit your application as soon as possible and no later than 2nd March 2023.

Kindly note that all applications received by email or by paper will not be considered. Only those submitted through the application link will be processed

Deadline: 2023-03-02