IQ 1 140
  • Full Time
  • Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq
  • TBD USD / Year

  • Job applications may no longer being accepted for this opportunity.

Alutiiq, LLC

Position Overview and Primary Duties & Responsibilities (Essential Functions):

  • Provide expert advice and guidance to ensure that the organization operates at optimum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Briefs and advises senior management on a regular basis on operational developments, trends and issues of significant interests.
  • Provides expert advice and counseling on practical solutions to a broad range of critical and complex operational issues affecting the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Centers (BDSC) ability to efficiently fulfill its roles and responsibilities in support of the US Embassy.
  • Provide internal BDSC support in the areas of property accountability, disaster response, billeting, installation support, authorized use of common use facilities and transiting personnel programs.
  • Advises in the areas of memoranda of agreement/understanding and other agreements related to co-location of USG and non-USG entities and related cost sharing for joint use of the facilities.
  • Prepares functional system plans which provide for equipment/data security, communications information technology and audio/visual services as needed.
  • Supports the presence of several USG agencies, non-USG agencies, non-US organizations and those agencies direct hire employees and contractor staff.
  • Assesses the operational strengths and weaknesses of the Support Hub and advises appropriate DOS personnel in effectively addressing operational issues, new program opportunities, changing requirements and in developing methods to effectively manage the dynamic nature of the logistical, aviation, medical, housing and other missions.
  • At the direction of senior management staff, conducts numerous complex and high priority special assignments, involving research and fact finding to support the development of operational plans for activities of critical importance to the effective accomplishment of the Support Hub’s mission.
  • Provides the Senior Manager, Airfield Operations & Management with timely and relevant data for decision-making on critical, complex and sensitive operational issues.
  • Coordinates and facilitates communications on planning and operations matters between the BDSC and other offices of the US Mission in Iraq, other government agencies, regional representatives, representatives of donor nations, and non-governmental agencies.
  • Provides counsel as necessary to ensure that required actions are understood and carried out in accordance with the decisions and directions of senior leadership, advises leadership of any necessary following-up on decisions to ensure the completion of required actions in a timely manner.
  • Advises on the preparation of reports, papers and other documents for senior leadership, ensuring they are well-written, fully coordinated with other affected organizations, timely, and complete, including preparation of sensitive products for Chief of Mission level action.
  • Consults with BDSC section leads and other managers on a regular basis to discuss operational issues and to provide expert guidance in optimizing operational effectiveness.

Required Qualifications and Experience:


  1. Mastery of operational and management concepts, methods and best practices to provide expert guidance to the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center leadership with sound and effective guidance in the planning and implementation of support operations.
  2. Expert knowledge of the operating requirements of a comprehensive logistics support program providing a broad range of services in support of a USG overseas activity in a high threat location including aviation, medical services, regional logistics/distribution operations, ground transportation and other related functions to provide expert advice and guidance to Senior Manager, Airfield Operations & Management and the BDSC Director.
  3. Ability to interact effectively with individuals in garnering cooperation and support for key planning, operations and management initiatives in the assigned program area.
  4. Ability to provide leadership and work effectively, cooperatively in a multi-disciplinary team environment under considerable stress and minimal supervision.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to plan, organize, coordinate and oversee operations.
  6. Provide advice and guidance to reconcile conflicting viewpoints, negotiate agreements with various stakeholders.


  1. Minimum of two (2) years of college is required.
  2. Must hold a FAA active instructor pilot’s license.
  3. Preferred candidate will have rotary and fixed wing credentials with a minimum of 4,000 documented flight hours


Proficiency in English is required.


Must attend and pass a recurring biennial training for Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Must attend/pass and maintain a TSA certification (annual training requirement)

Must hold an Aviation Safety Officer qualification (DoD or Civilian certification)


Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC)

Travel as needed throughout Iraq

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